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<  Vinyl Cutter sign making   ~  My cutter stops working in the middle of a job

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:01 pm Reply with quote
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It stops only in the middle of a job!!!
FT_INVALID_HANDLE (A device attached to the system is not functioning) What happened?
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Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:08 pm Reply with quote
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This error can be related to plotter connection or Static electricity.
You may get static problem when you turn on your heater system.(Canada and other cold countries) or when vinyl go in and out many time during the cutting If your cutter is well connected and the driver is selected from plotter code, we recommend to check the static in your plotter. To do so, send your job to the plotter without vinyl and blade. If the cutter does not stop, that mean you plotter develops static. In this case we recommend anti-static product and or ground your plotter:
You need also check the environment because the cutter cannot be over a carpet or plastic floor.

Current problems:
Static electricty Machine stop on Middle
-Solution ground machine or Anti-static product. -Very important to uncharger you of static electricity, touching metal before to touch your plotter.
We also recommend to connect the plotter to a power bar a surge protector complies with CSA or ULC standards

-Old machine without USB connection need a good USB to Serial adapter and an original plotter cable
-Check communication WIndows Device manager-Check that both cable are well connected and also plotter serial board connector are also ok

Machine stop and plotter ligth flashing: your design is too close to right side. machine does not have lot room to cut.
-Solution: Move your design from left corner on software to a positive position or machine need new Limit board .

Head of the cutter does not go up enough during the cut
-Solution new head or new main board.

Blade is too close to the vinyl
-Solution set the blade holder to get 3 bussines card
See picture

1) Anti-static product: (Static spray found in specialized store). Usually all of the "static electricity" will vanish when the RH is above 60%, or, if you spray the machine with antistatic product.
We recommend Sprayway)
Apply the spray to the pinch rollers, the sandbar (roller bar, underneath the vinyl), and across the vinyl. This does not have to be done every time you use the cutter, but it is good practice to do this at least once a week or when changing vinyl in the cutter.

2) Ground the Machine
a) To ground the machine, place a wire on your plotter and connect it to your cutter stand or any piece of metal connecting to the floor. We also recommend to remove the plastic wheel of the stand and also sit the plotter over the stand and screw 4 little rubber leg after. This way the machine be touching the floor.

b) Check if your wall socket is grounded. I recommend to use a Ground detector device
c) Here's an idea how to create a grounded cable, click to get a picture

Other good option is use a Ferite This device can prevent and eliminate static. (insert the power cable and close it)

3) In Windows Device Manager
a) Open Port (Com & LPT )
b) Open USB Serial Port ( Com1,2)**
c) From Port setting change Flow control to: Xon /Xoff

4) **You can use your plotter connection using a Com port .
From WinPCSIGN / Plotter Code,
Change to the Com Port ,suggested by
Windows Device manager (Com port 1 to 7)

Click to get more information how to ground the plotter

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