SMX FL50 PRO - Fiber Laser - Marking Machine

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Le FIBER LASER AURORA 8 PRO pour la gravure sur métaux est flexible dans de nombreuses applications. Il peut marquer/graver du texte, l'heure, des numéros de série et des logos de d'entreprise vectoriels. Il a une résolution élevée et une précision incroyable!

Avec ce graveur laser à fibre optique, vous pouvez marquer des matériaux métalliques et non métalliques. Vous pouvez marquer des surfaces métalliques de revêtement de poudre, de peinture, d'anodisation et de galvanoplastie. Utilisation de matériaux respectueux de l'environnement et un boitier de pointe afin d'envelopper le dispositif laser et ce pour une sans danger pour votre santé.


Team Flags
Bike Covering
Ring carving


unbeatable Flexibility
Unbeatable Flexibility

Variable pulse durations are possible with our MOPA lasers. And long or short pulses can be gradually adjusted between 2 and 500ns (60w).

The parameters of our marking laser can be adjusted independently. You can change the pulse frequency or energy to achieve energy conservation and marking flexibility.

Maximize Your Efficiency

Our laser marker adopt a dynamic magnetic structure for the galvanometer motor. This gives our lasers excellent stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed and high interference resistance. With an engraving speed of 8,000 mm/s, THUNDER laser surpasses our competitors. An innovative motion system and a revolutionary drive concept. What does this mean for your users? The most efficient production, the highest throughput and thus the greatest profitability with impeccable quality.

Maximum speed, quality and efficiency
Laser auto-focus system
Faster and More Precise Performance

We apply geometric optics to laser marking machines to ensure faster autofocus performance. This enables fast labeling and avoids errors.

We fire a short light burst that travels towards the sensor. It has an accurate software to measure the time it reaches the target object and returns. Through contrast testing, our laser has been proven a faster autofocus speed.

Uncompromising Protection

Thunder Laser puts the safety of the user’s eye protection at the top of the list. The fully enclosed protective cover reduces the risk of visual impairment. Because this protective cover is made of durable material. And we have also obtained this patented technology.

Our marking lasers are equipped with intelligent control functions. It not only enables accurate aiming but also improves user safety.

Our laser marking machines can reduce glare and control laser volume.

Protective Window


Aurora Laser specifications

Marking area 5.9″×5.9″/150×150mm
Max work Height 5.7″/145mm
Max marking speed 8m/sec, 800cps
Z-axis Motorized Z-axis, 15.4″/390mm
Table Alumina table, 14.2″×10.5″/360×265mm
Net weight 72kgs/159lbs
Frequency 50W - 50-100kHz
Pulse width 110ns
Cooling Air cooled
Red dot pointer Laser Power<1mW, 630-680nm
Software EzCad3
Optional F-theta lenses 4.3″×4.3″/110×110mm
Warranty 2 years

Compatible Materials

Metallic Materials Carbon Steel
Aluminium Iron
Steel Industrial Accessories
Rigid Plastics Hardware Tools


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