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Corrugated Sheets Black - 4'x8' (4 mm)

Corrugated Sheets Black - 4'x8' (4 mm)
Sku: CRPB-4 - ProdId: 2410

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Corrugated Sheets White - 4'x8' (4 mm)

Corrugated Sheets White - 4'x8' (4 mm)
Sku: CRP-4 - ProdId: 1921 - Out of stock

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Corrugated Sheets White - 4'x8' (8mm)

Corrugated Sheets White - 4'x8' (8mm)
Sku: CRP-8 - ProdId: 1922

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Our corrugated sheet is waterproof and lightweight. Ideal for sign making projects, printing projects & CNC projects. A very versatile sheet that is widely used in applications ranging from hobby, craft, and school projects to construction applications such as surface protection and templates to signage and printing projects.

Water-resistant construction is less likely to break down like traditional cardboard and is resistant to rotting, rusting and warping. Reusable for multiple applications, including temporary floor and wall covering protection, countertop protection, cleanouts and more

Can be easily cut to size using common tools


Custom cut available (allows faster delivery by UPS, FEDEX, CANADA POST, etc ...)

Delivery: Note that the 4'x8' requires transport with a pallet (10 sheets minimum recommended).
* The dimensions that are not considered "oversize" are 24'' x 48'' and less per piece, which offers delivery prices affordable across Canada.


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