Polycarbonate Sheet - 4' x 8'

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Polycarbonate - 4'x8' (1/8

Polycarbonate - 4'x8' (1/8" - 3mm)
Sku: POL3MM - ProdId: 2286

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Polycarbonate - 4'x8' (3/16

Polycarbonate - 4'x8' (3/16" - 4.5mm)
Sku: POL4MM - ProdId: 2287

$206.00 $185.00 $98.00
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Polycarbonate is a superior clear plastic sheet compared to Plexiglass/Acrylic, clear polycarbonate sheet boasts an impact strength 250 times greater than that of glass and 30 times greater than acrylic.

Polycarbonate can be bent neatly. Thin sheets can be bent cold with sheet metal techniques, while thicker ones are easy to shape with the help of a heat gun. It is also perfect for thermoforming or vacuum forming.

This makes Polycarb perfect for both household or professional DIY projects around the home, shop, or for manufacturing. Like sneeze guards, window replacements, framing pictures, aquarium covers/dividers, display cases, greenhouses, desktop protectors etc.


Custom cut available (allows faster delivery by UPS, FEDEX, CANADA POST, etc ...)

Delivery: Note that the 4'x8' requires transport with a pallet (10 sheets minimum recommended).
* The dimensions that are not considered "oversize" are 24'' x 48'' and less per piece, which offers delivery prices affordable across Canada.


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