Acrylic Cast 4'x8' (1/8'' - 3mm) - Rose Gold Mirror


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Acrylic Cast 4'x8'  (1/8'' - 3mm) - Rose Gold Mirror

Acrylic Cast 4'x8' (1/8'' - 3mm) - Rose Gold Mirror
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Mirrored acrylic is the perfect for signage, invites, event backdrops and more! It’s definitely a customer favorite (specifically the gold mirror). We have 3 different types of mirrored acrylic - gold, silver, and rose gold.


Cutting & application instructions
  • Mirrored acrylic is NOT double sided like most other acrylics, instead it has a light grey backing. This is what creates the mirrored effect.
  • Typically after cutting/engraving mirrored acrylic, the light grey side will have a few light black smoke marks on it - these can be removed with a damp cloth.
  • When we engraved mirrored acrylic, we actually flip the design/text and engrave on the back (grey) side of the piece. When we engrave, we’re actually engraving the grey, reflective coating off, which gives the text or design more contrast on the mirrored side.
  • When you received your mirrored pieces, they will have a protective mask on the mirrored side, which helps to keep the surface clean/scratch free until you’re ready to use your pieces. If you’re installing a sign with mirrored acrylic, we recommend keeping the protective mask on the surface until you’ve installed everything. Mirrored acrylic CAN scratch.


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